Product #: CAD CD2B

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1" EMT or RIGID Conduit Clamp with retained bolt and built-in nut; 1/4" Mounting Hole. Features: Fast and easy installation – Installs with screwdriver or nut driver. Mounting hole for 1/4" bolt. Available in 3/8" mounting hole for 1/2 - 2" pipe. To order add suffix 37 (i.e. CD2B37). Retained bolt and built-in nut means there are less parts to handle or drop. Bright zinc finish. Also available in stainless steel 302. Contact ERICO® for price and delivery. To order add suffix SS (ie. CD2B-SS). Stainless do not have nutless feature Combo Head bolt ready to work with any tool handy - Slotted, Hex, #3 Phillips and #2 Robertson.

Price: $0.6917

Price: $0.6917